We became numb. What about you?

We are living in a world where media is accessible 247. Wehter we are at home or on the go there will be a device to play any kind of media you want in that moment. And even if you don´t want media you propably will be a receiver. In all that matter of enjoying songs, videos or pictures we often do forget about the creators. Where does is all come from? Do we take it for granted or do we still appreciate what we listen to or watch? 

From point of view of a user I say I am not as often aware of music or movies as a result of professional creation or even more as an act of art as I should be. Because as an artist I should know what immense work and knowledge goes into every single peace of media. The problem is we are overloaded with that shit. Too much information and too many songs that really are not made to leave an impression but for just having a kind of white noise for something else. What happened is we became kind of numb to those contents. And this leads even to not being interested in it, taking it for granted and forget the artist himself. For a while everone in the music industry tried to just yell louder than the others. This led us to the so called „loudness war“ and not to better music. But as we already noticed in school: being louder than the others doesn´t mean someone will listen to you.

To be honest I was a little bit numb too. Not feeling so much anymore for what this is all about. So we decided to take a step back and observe how we actually feel about doing or creating music less. As the months passed by we had a serious discussion about what is coming next with Meinherz and if how we are planning to proceed. And than something happened: Everyone noticed the same thing: Desire. We all are craving for writing new songs and building pleasant noise together that shines through the loud and hip music trends going on right now. No bullshit but handmade honest songs. Songs about life as it happens around us. After this talk ideas are just floating and it´s hard to keep on being focus with what comes from the inside.

The key was to start listening to yourself and be aware of your emotions instead of just consuming stuff from everywhere that is done by hand but not by heart.

What that means for Meinherz?  Be sure to hear new stuff soon! O man we are excited bout that….

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