Meinherz Live @Kugelbahn Berlin, Wedding – 08.02.2018


I am happy to announce our first gig in 2018. A good friend of mine started a new band called “Tricks”. He asked if we want to support him on their first gig. I responded: “for sure, count me in!”. So we decided to set everything in a cozy and private atmosphere in a small club. We found the “Kugelbahn” in Berlin, Wedding to be the perfect fit for that. And I personally would love to see some of you there.

I don´t want to tell too much so far, but I promise we will bring something you haven´t heard so far. So, I am looking forward to!

Here are some facts:

More about Tricks:
The Event:
The Location:
Gig: February, 8 2018

Live video of secret showcase

Fine people,

we had a Birthday-Secret-Showcase-Gig on January, 10th at Chesters Music Inn in Berlin Kreuzberg. The venue was packed with more than 200 people and it rocked! For all the ones that couldn´t come you now have the chance to watch a video of our latest single Fate Of A King we performed at the show. I hope to see you at the gig. All the best!