Meinherz Live @Kugelbahn Berlin, Wedding – 08.02.2018


I am happy to announce our first gig in 2018. A good friend of mine started a new band called “Tricks”. He asked if we want to support him on their first gig. I responded: “for sure, count me in!”. So we decided to set everything in a cozy and private atmosphere in a small club. We found the “Kugelbahn” in Berlin, Wedding to be the perfect fit for that. And I personally would love to see some of you there.

I don´t want to tell too much so far, but I promise we will bring something you haven´t heard so far. So, I am looking forward to!

Here are some facts:

More about Tricks:
The Event:
The Location:
Gig: February, 8 2018

Rooftop Session – Episode 1 ALIVE

Herbst, eine Handvoll Kameras, 4 Musiker und ihre Instrumente, eine Kamerafrau, ein Dach – Das sind die Zutaten für die // ROOFTOP SESSIONS // Heute startet unsere kleine Videoserie zur bald erscheinenden “Colours” EP. Immer Samstags, immer hier – Live und unplugged mitten in Berlin. Ich hoffe ihr habt beim Anschauen genauso viel Freude, wie wir beim Dreh.

1. Folge: ALIVE

Danke an den edlen Gastgeber Felix Bartelt und alle Beteiligten!
Kamera: Lisa Schaar / Gitarre: Hendrik / Bass: Lukas / Cajon: Leo

Just a little bit of Open Mic

This has been a very musically week to me. In fact it has been one of the nicest weeks in months. I played two open mic shows at Arcanoa and Dodo where I met a lot of really good musicians and very nice people. As a singer that is used to play only in Rock bands and in very loud surroundings it is totally new to me to get in front of people with just my acoustic. What started as an experiment now turns out to be something I really enjoy doing. A big thank you to you who gave me those beautiful feedbacks after the songs. It pushes me to keep on playing those acoustic singer-songwriter stuff I denied to be a part of my art over the last years.

From behind

meinherz arcanoa

 Impressions of a week

To give your mind an impression of the past week just hit the pics down below these lines. If you like what you see and here I´d be happy if you are going to give me a “like” on my Facebook Page. And of course I am interested in any feedback.

And for all of you who are looking for a nice bar with a great host (Ralf) and pure live music I recommend the Dodo – Großbeerenstr. 32 – 10965 Berlin.

Have a relaxing start into the week.

Cheers, Stephan


Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to the next level of…yeah. Don´t know. Next level of Meinherzentertainment!? Whatever…this pages here will offer you at least a sneak of things to come in my life. Hope you enjoy my music, pictures, words…and I´d love to meet you on a gig and have a beer with you!

Till then..cheers!