Spring and the music

Berlin has been a damn cold winter place during the past weeks. With the first warming sunrays we were happy to get in touch with this weekend we felt new energy raising up. And it´s the perfect moment to let you know we are currently working on the new Meinherz Single. It will be released in a couple of weeks. More details will follow very soon, so stay tuned. Best way would be to sign up for the newsletter here:

So let the sun touch your heart and be sure to remember: The days are going to be longer from now on day by day!

See you soon in a place near you…

Mix Of The Month – Spotify Playlist

Hey, starting today I will update and publish my personal playlist Meinherz Mix Of The Month with all the tracks I listen to a lot personally. I hope you enjoy listening and discover some beautiful music from time to time.

All the best,

Stephan Meinherz

Fate Of A King Music Video

Here it is. And you cannot imagine how excited I am to present my very first music video to you. Indeed a story it has to tell. But first things first. „Fate Of A King“ is the title of the video and has been released on Monday, June 5 2016. The premiere has taken place on The Viewer Musik Magazin. A fresh music magazine from north of Germany. Thank you Jörg Siegwarth, Chief Editor and Publisher for the support.

So what´s the story behind the video and the song? A couple of years I read a wonderful story about a young african man who is dying. But before he is going to leave the world he talks about his life. And boy he had a life even though he still is young. To me the whole plot was so touching I had to think a lot about letting go the people you love. Not because you want to, but you have to. So I wrote „Fate Of A King“ as I note to myself or as a guidance in case this day will come. And it came. Faster than I expected. Of course I did not start to listen to my own song, but finally I really understood what I have written. I´ve written lyrics about my fear, about death and hope. I found salvation in hope and relieve in the pictures that come into my mind each time I sing this song.

But why this video? I wanted to say thank you to the people I met during my stay in Maroc. Me and my fiancé travelled to a surf and yoga camp called „Solid Surf“ and spend a wonderful week with lovely, beautiful maroccan people. After this week we travelled through the country and were impressed by the hospitality we got to know. Such an inspiring country.

I hope all those pictures we took will open your heart for letting in some desire to travel to maroc. It definitly is a must on your list! So thank you for your inspiration. This video is for you.

I hope you enjoy it. My memories will last….

Rooftop Session – Episode 1 ALIVE

Herbst, eine Handvoll Kameras, 4 Musiker und ihre Instrumente, eine Kamerafrau, ein Dach – Das sind die Zutaten für die // ROOFTOP SESSIONS // Heute startet unsere kleine Videoserie zur bald erscheinenden „Colours“ EP. Immer Samstags, immer hier – Live und unplugged mitten in Berlin. Ich hoffe ihr habt beim Anschauen genauso viel Freude, wie wir beim Dreh.

1. Folge: ALIVE

Danke an den edlen Gastgeber Felix Bartelt und alle Beteiligten!
Kamera: Lisa Schaar / Gitarre: Hendrik / Bass: Lukas / Cajon: Leo